One of the most significant features of the real estate market is its local character. In order to gain an in-depth understanding and use properly these local conditions, it is necessary to function on a daily basis in the environment to be analysed.

Since birth, I had close ties with Łódź. After graduating in the field of real estate market at the Warsaw School of Economics, I came back to Łódź to continue my education and professional development. I have finished the post-graduate studies in the field of real estate valuation at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University of Łódź.

I have gained my experience working for property developers in Łódź, holding posts associated with coordination of the sales process and the customer service process. In the meantime, I was certified to issue energy performance certificates of buildings, as well as - after several years of professional practice and upon passing an examination before the State Examination Committee – I became a certified real estate valuer.

Since 2013, I run my own office which specializes in services for the real estate market. I am a member of The Lodz Association of Property Valuers i the Polish Federation of Valuers’ Associations. I use AMRON System, The property of the Polish Bank Association